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Coronal, Sagittal,Axial palanes and 3D volume rendered images are displayed autometically in initial MPR mode.
All necessary anatomical information can be obtained with combination of all these projections.

3D volume rendered image
Provides accurate details of the anatomic structures for oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures.
Acquire exact and detailed diagnostic information with low radiation doses.
Observe detailed anatomical structure.
Avoid damage to sensitive structure such as nerves in the process of implant surgery.
Check impacted teeth positions accurately.
Plan pre-implant surgery effectively.
Reduce surgery time as a result of more accurate diagnosis.
Get patient's consent of your treatment plan in ease.
MPR(Multi-Planar Reconstruction)
The images can be confirmed through
viewing the slices from the different angles.
Furthermore,by adjusting a single planar
image, the other 3 images will show the
corresponding changes.
Cross-Sectional View
Cross-Sectional View is the most essential
function of CT.

Slicing(Min.0.1mm width) can be done
from any direction.

It is possivle to make a cross-sectional
path on any MPR window including
3D image.
3D Image
Verification of intra oral structure by 3D rotation
and fine tuning.

All the CT images can be turned and rotated
in any angle.

Able to check on both structure and soft tissues.

3D volume rendered image is very effective
for patients' clear understanding.
Measuring bone density profile
3D implant simulation(Option)
for patients'understanding and is essential
for planning implant surgery.
Neural canal coloring(Option)
Possible to make pre-planning of surgery
without nerve damage.

Very useful function for successful treatment&
practicing safe surgery.

Sinus Bone Graft(Option)
Measurement of bone quantity for sinus
bone grafting.
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