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Question :    
  Can existing porcelain crowns or laminates be bleached?
Answer :    
  No, bleaching agent cannot change color of porcelain.
Question :    
  How long do porcelain laminates last?
Answer :    
  Very long lasting ,when properly maintained and routine check up.
Question :    
  Why do people choose porcelain laminates ?
Answer :    
  Laminates look more realistic, difficult to stain, feel more natural, and are stronger.
Question :    
  How do you close spaces between teeth?
Answer :    
  With porcelain laminates or crowns may be used.
Question :    
  Does it hurt to have teeth prepared for laminates?
Answer :    
  No, it is a painless two visit procedure. Local anesthesia can be given to highly
  sensitive patients, but is usually not necessary.
Question :    
  What are the advantages of laminates versus orthodontic treatment?
Answer :    
  Orthodontic treatment takes 18 months to 2 years while porcelain laminates
  correct crooked teeth in two visits.
Question :    
  My back teeth have a lot of silver amalgum. Is there a better way to fill cavities?
Answer :    
  New advances in tooth-colored porcelain and composite materials not only allow
   fillings to go unnoticed, but are stronger and more wear-resistant than silver
Question :    
  How can I make my discolored teeth whiter?
Answer :    
  Tooth whitening, the process for lightening discolored teeth, can be accomplished
   in the dentist's office. Teeth can be whitened to the desired shade over several
   office visits. At-home systems should be individually fitted by a cosmetic dentist.
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